Special Services

Weight Management

Health and wellness programs all focus on reaching a target weight to reduce the risk of developing sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, diabetes and hypertension. Many new medicines have been FDA approved for weight loss. We can tailor a diet and fitness program to meet your needs and review the risks and benefits of each prescription weight loss medication. We will also monitor your progress toward achieving your weight loss goal.

Travel Medicine

We live in a very mobile society, but that comes with some risk of travel related disease. We can help you prepare for a mission trip or vacation to a foreign destination by reviewing the CDC vaccine and disease prevention guidelines with you. We can provide some vaccines, as well as medicine to prevent malaria. Other vaccines may need to come from the Health Department. We review food and water safety, sun exposure, and can provide sleep aids to help with jet lag. Our goal to make every effort to ensure your trip is safe and free of illness.

In Office Testing

We do in office rapid tests for Strep, Flu, RSV, Mono, Pregnancy, HbA1c and urinalysis that are resulted on the day of your visit. We do throat cultures as a back-up when rapid strep tests are negative. Other blood tests and urine cultures are sent to our reference lab and are typically resulted the next day. We offer on-site phlebotomy services for blood tests ordered by outside providers. We can do in office spirometry (lung function testing), EKG, and a variety of X-ray services as well.